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Grey: The Lost Technology

Team Aurora is proud to announce Grey: The Lost Technology, a 2D action-RPG currently in development for Windows Xbox 360, and OUYA. The game is currently on track for release in 2013.

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The Story Thus Far….

Human scientists discovered a new form of technology that captures actual consciousness.  This new technology, codenamed “Centauri”, was used to fuel the future world that they inhabited.  The humans do not know exactly how this technology works or even what it is, but they do know how to harness its power for practical purposes.  The Earth became overpopulated and slowly died,  prompting  a last-ditch effort to save the planet and their race. A group of humans, with the help of scientists, banned together to start a settlement on a new planet.  The planet “Omega” had been scouted and verified to be able to support life with sustainable temperatures.  It is mostly a desert planet, with one large body of water, where the group of humans landed to build a new civilization so that future generations could survive.  This group of humans traveled across the reaches of space for an undetermined length of time aboard their ship, “The Chrius Voyager.”  The ship was massive, housing thousands of people from all different backgrounds, demographics, and skill sets, and harnessed the Centauri tech as its main source of power.

Upon reaching planet Omega, an error caused by the  atmospheric anomalies on Omega, caused The Chrius Voyager to crash land on the planet. The survivors have rebuilt a civilization utilizing the scraps of tech from their ship to construct a city, known as “The Utopia”…

It has been three generations since the ship crashed on Omega. People have to fight for survival as the population is starting to outgrow The Utopia’s life support systems.  As a result, some people have been driven out of The Utopia and others have chosen to leave to attempt to survive in the harsh landscape beyond its walls.  In order to combat this growing threat, Corvus, the son of The Chrius Voyager’s captain, has taken command and started an initiative to find a more efficient/powerful version of the Centauri Tech…

This is where your journey begins.

Through the story of the game, Grey: The Lost Technology conveys the fact that life isn’t always so black and white.

We hope you’re looking forward to the game, and that you’re as excited as we are for the development of Grey: The Lost Technology.

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